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On December 1st 2023, SteamWorld Build comes to PC & Consoles 🎉

In SteamWorld Build, you are the architect of a SteamWorld mining town. Break ground and raise houses for your steambot citizens, keep them fed and provide some rootin'-tootin' entertainment.

You’ll also venture into the abandoned mine sitting under your town, rumoured to be filled with ancient tech that holds the key to escaping impending doom.

Use the natural resources above ground and the abundant ores buried in the mine to expand your town. Stimulate new residential tiers to join the quest to dig deeper, unearth untold riches and ultimately help them to hightail it off the planet!

Join the Official SteamWorld Community Discord for more updates and meet fellow Steamworld fans!

~ Brjann Sigurgeirsson & the SteamWorld Build Team

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