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Sortie le 8 août 2024

Story Deep Dive: Navigating the Watery World of SteamWorld Heist II

Explore the Great Oceanic Shard that sets the stage for SteamWorld Heist II and take a look at the overworld gameplay!

Ahoy again steam-mates!

Glad to see you return for another exciting Deep Dive! Today we’re going to check out the watery world that sets the stage for SteamWorld Heist II and take a look at the overworld gameplay!

But first, you know the drill: You can get all the details of this blog in our latest Gameplay Deep Dive video, this time featuring the dulcet tones of Kyle, narrator for SteamWorld Heist II. Seriously, why read when you can listen to a voice like that! 

Still here? Well, like the humans used to say, whatever floats your boat… Right then, let’s dive in and talk a bit about the story!

Characters & Story

Steam-powered robots need water to work, and in outer space, it’s in short supply. There is one exception - the great oceanic Shard, a slice of the shattered Earth that orbits the planet’s exposed core. However, something seems to be poisoning the shard’s sea, making it corrosive to those that rely on it. In response, the Royal Navy has enforced strict control over the resource, raising tensions to a boiling point…

…not that any of this really bothers Captain Quincy Leeway, a bot who lives in the long shadow of his mother, the great Krakenbane. He’s more concerned with his confiscated submarine - and he’s just heard a rumour about where it might be docked!

As the leader of his crew, Quincy is the character you’ll be controlling in between missions. He’ll visit the fine establishments of the Shard, recruiting new team members and purchasing upgrades, weapons and items for your crew. However, due to his missing arm, Quincy can’t assist during missions and will have to leave it to his starting crewmates: the adoring Daisy who thinks the world of her captain and Wesley, a gentlebot who wants nothing more than to die an honourable death in combat. 

Life goals are important, I suppose…

World Map & Locations

We’ve revamped the way you pick missions in SteamWorld Heist II. This time, the world around you is a great mystery and you’ll need to clear the fog in order to discover new locations, missions and secrets using your trusty submarine.

But you’re far from alone in sailing the Great Sea. The power-hungry Royal Navy patrols the waters of East and West Caribbea and they will attack on sight. There really is no shame in bravely running away - can’t save the world from the afterlife now can you?

If you get past the patrols, you’ll eventually run into the Great Wall which separates sunny Caribbea from the bolt-chilling Artica. But getting to the other side of the barrier will be no small feat since the Royal Navy has armed it to the teeth - and then some!

Should you somehow cross the wall; good news! You’re now in Rattler territory, where you’re apt to get a cold welcome from this bone-crazed faction.

And beyond that? Who knows? The ocean is vast, full of buried secrets. Some of them perhaps best left in the deep…

Ship Combat

If you’re looking to better acquaint yourself with the afterlife, an alternative to running away from patrolling ships may be to face them head-on.

Just line up your shots and let your submarine’s weapons deal damage to your foes. But beware, your enemies won’t sit by idly, so careful manoeuvring will be key to your survival. Not to mention your enemies’ arsenal of underwater mines, missile silos and mighty flagships… 

Should your ship get wrecked, don’t worry. You’ll respawn at the latest bar you’ve visited - though any gallons you’ve picked up will be forever lost, so be careful.

Ship Upgrades

As you uncover more of the Great Oceanic Shard, you’ll unlock new equipment for your submarine. 

  • Attach machine-guns, lasers and rockets to make short work of any marauding menace.


  • Gain a speed boost that lets you discover new areas. 


  • Load up on armour and grab faster reloads for your arsenal.


  • And, maybe even find an upgrade that lets your busted submarine duck back under the waves…


The Great Sea Shard is filled to the brim with secrets, missions and stories for you to uncover. So grab your map, set course and prepare for a heck of a Heist! 

Don’t forget to check out our last Gameplay Deep Dive video video where we dove into the gunplay and all-new job system of SteamWorld Heist II. And make sure to wishlist the game now to join the crew on August 8th!

Tune into our Extended Gameplay Feature on June 4th!

Keep your eyes on the horizon for our extended gameplay video releasing on June 4 which will dive even deeper into the world and gameplay of SteamWorld Heist II. Until then, smooth sailing, steam-mates!

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