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We built SteamWorld. Now it's your turn!

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Build a mining town

Break ground on a new frontier as the planet dies around you! Dig deep and build wide to excavate long-lost spacefaring technology, while ensuring everyone has the vital water, fuel and creature comforts they need! Do you have what it takes to reach the final frontier?
Build A Mining Town Video Replacement
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Game Features

  • Break ground on a bustling SteamWorld town, inspired by the Old West.
  • Keep your Steambots from getting cranky by ensuring their complex needs get met
  • Dig deep and spread wide to produce resources to aid your search for ancient technologies
  • Defend your mine from the creepy varmints that lurk deep below your town
  • Trade resources at the local train stop and welcome special visitors who'll lend a hand
  • Five distinct maps littered with secrets for the discerning SteamWorld explorer to find
  • Developed from the ground up for both mouse and controller, whichever takes yer fancy.
  • Four difficulty levels, including a sandbox difficulty for when you just want to Build!
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Meet the characters

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Are you a content creator?

Interested in making content around SteamWorld Build? We’ve put together a helpful selection of assets for you to use, including stream overlays, backgrounds, emotes to engage your audiences. Welcome to SteamWorld Build!

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Looking for our press kit?

Find every asset you need to cover SteamWorld Build. Press releases, screenshots, key art, and the latest trailers are all available here. Email for anything else you need!

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