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Mechanized DLC - Out Now!

Get ready to demolish and defend with out biggest update!

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Put down your grandpa’s pickaxe!
We're introducing your one-stop shop for all things construction and combat - the incredible Mech!  Once the guardian of these depths, this hulking automaton boasts two key features that will revolutionise your mining operation:

  • Mighty Lifting: Stuck by pesky mine puzzles? Not anymore! The Mech's immense strength is tailored to help you move, pull and lift to solve any problem you encounter.
  • Punching Power: The Mech isn't just a construction worker. It packs a serious punch, ready to take on a brand new assortment of threats lurking in the depths of your mine including the Abomination; a fearful foe that will shatter your defences if you don’t tread carefully.

Not only will you have to unearth your Mech buddy, you’ll also have a range of features and puzzles to keep you occupied:

8 new mine features
10 new blocks with unique functions
6 new "machine" objects
2 Non-block Items
1 new building
1 new boss

What are you waiting for? With your new best friend, it’s time to step courageously (and cautiously) into the Crackling Depths as you work together to escape.

Ready to Mech Your Way to Success?

Mechanized DLC. Out Now on PC, PlayStation and Xbox

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