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Launching August 8th 2024

Pre-Order SteamWorld Heist II Now!

Prepare for the ultimate Heist with our 10% pre-order discount and “SteamWorld Heist Complete Edition”!

It’s just over one month to go until the launch of SteamWorld Heist II and we have some exciting news for you all: SteamWorld Heist II is now available for pre-order on Nintendo Switch, Playstation, and Xbox! 

Pre-order SteamWorld Heist II now and take advantage of our 10% pre-order discount!

SteamWorld Heist Complete Bundle

For the ultimate Heist experience: check out our “SteamWorld Heist Complete Bundle”! This special edition includes both SteamWorld Heist with all DLC AND SteamWorld Heist II. You can grab yours now on Playstation or Nintendo Switch and get a 15% pre-order discount.

Deep Dive into SteamWorld Heist II

Still can’t get enough of SteamWorld Heist II? We have a whole series of Deep Dives to prepare you for August 8th!

Check out our Gameplay Deep Dive to learn all about the ricochet-rich gunplay, all-new job system, and enemies you’ll face in Heist II.

In our Story Deep Dive we take a closer look at the watery world that sets the stage for SteamWorld Heist II including story, world map exploration, and ship-to-ship combat.

Looking for a sneak peek of our gameplay? Watch our Extended Gameplay trailer where Art Director Brandt Andrist explores our upgrade system, turn-based combat, hidden treasures, mysterious encounters, and more.

Set course for August 8!

Wishlist and/or pre-order SteamWorld Heist II now and get ready to join the crew on August 8!

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